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AIRES is developed at the Department of Physics, Universidad Nacional de La Plata and IFLP (CONICET), Argentina. It is completely written in FORTRAN, with a series of modules written in C that allow to use the AIRES library from a C or C++ environment. The complete AIRES 19.04.06 source code, consists of more than 2,000 routines, adding up to more than 300k source lines (including all external packages) extensively commented.

The installed AIRES system consists of:

(i) The main air shower simulation programs AiresS21, AiresS23, AiresS23d, AiresEP199, AiresEPLHC, AiresQIIr03, and AiresQIIr04, that correspond to links of the main simulation system with different versions of the hadronic collision simulation packages SIBYLL, EPOS, and QGSJET, respectively. The default air shower simulation program, Aires, is equivalent to AiresS23d.

(ii) The summary program, AiresSry, designed to process a part of the data generated by the simulation program, allowing the user to analyze the results of the simulation after completing it, or even while it is being run.

(iii) The utility program AiresMerge to merge data contained in different IDF or ADF files.

(iv) A converting program AiresIDF2ADF to generate portable dump files (ADF) from existing binary ones (IDF).

(v) A library, libAires (static or dynamic), of routines that provide a set of tools to analyze AIRES output data and many other related tasks.

(vi) A series of utility programs, special modules, and input files useful for various simulation and/or analysis tasks.

(vii) A set of input data files required by external packages (i.e., EPOS, QGSJET, etc.) that can optionally be downloaded and installed.

AIRES development. Most of the routines that make up the simulation kernel, the math, physics, and input-output modules, the interfaces with external packages, system utilities, and the installation scripts have been written by S. J. Sciutto (Departamento de Física and IFLP (CONICET), Universidad de La Plata, Argentina, 1996-2021). The routines that simulate the geomagnetic deflections, LPM effect and muon bremsstrhlung and pair production were developed with the help of A. Cillis (La Plata, 1998-2001). The atmospheric model GAMMA was designed and developed in collaboration with J. C. Moreno (La Plata, 2008-2012). The HQIP preprocessor was designed and developed in collaboration with J. I. Illana and M. Masip (Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2010-2014). The updated cross sections for photonuclear interactions have been investigated in collaboration with C. A. García Canal (La Plata), G. Pancheri (INFN Frascati, Italy), and F. Cornet and A. Grau (Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2008-2015). For the credits corresponding to the external packages used in AIRES see the list of references in the documentation section.

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