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 AIRES release notes.

These notes briefly summarize the new developments and/or improvements of the current version of AIRES. For more detailed information on any of these new features, refer to the user's manual and/or the demo files that come with the corresponding AIRES distribution.

Release notes for AIRES 19.04.08.


Correction of a bug related with the interface of AIRES with the hadronic collision packages EPOS and SIBYLL (many thanks to Jaime Alvarez-Muñiz, Henk Brans, Roberta Colalillo, Eva Santos, and Matías Tueros).

Release notes for AIRES 19.04.06.

Algorithm modifications

Hadronic collision external packages.
This new release of AIRES includes the newest versions of EPOS and SIBYLL.


Several problems with AIRES 19.04.00 simulation program were detected or reported by several users. All the errors in the program's code -mostly minor bugs- were fixed and are no longer present in the current version of AIRES. Some of those bugs are:

Release notes for AIRES 19.04.00.

Algorithm modifications

All the code related with the atmospheric model management has been carefully reviewed. New atmospheric profile models, namely SouthPoleAvg and MalargueAvg, are now available (see directive Atmosphere), corresponding to annual averages of atmospheric profiles of the South Pole and Malargue sites, respectively. Additionally, the new directive AddAtmosModel allows the user to define custom atmospheric models that can be used alternatively to the built-in models.
New tables available (6296, 6496, and 6796) that record the number and energy of created secondary neutrinos as a function of atmospheric depth.
Dynamic setting of primary energy.
The special primary modules are now capable of setting the shower primary energy dynamically at the moment they are invoked to inject the special primary particles (the PrimaryEnergy IDL directive is no more mandatory in such cases).

Installation procedure

Input Directive Language

New features.
New directives.
Directives that changed their syntax or behavior.

Output data

New output tables.
The current AIRES version includes 4 new tables:

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