AIRES library reference: getatmosprofile.

c     Routine directly callable from C/C++ (it could be necessary to
c     append an underscore, "_", to its name depending on the C/C++
c     compiler used).
      subroutine getatmosprofile(nalt, zvmin, zvmax, zv, depth, dens,
     +                           layer)
c     Retrieving the vertical depth and density profiles corresponding
c     to the current atmospheric model.
c     models.
c     Written by: S. J. Sciutto, La Plata 2019.
c     Arguments:
c     =========
c     nalt............ (input, integer) The number of profile data
c                      points (altitudes), in meters. Must be at least
c                      10.
c     zvmin, zvmax.... (input, double precision) Range of vertical
c                      altitudes of the profile.
c                        - If zvmin <= zvmax, then the altitude range
c                          and the altitudes of array zv will be
c                          evaluated automatically with the following
c                          following criteria: If zvmin < zvmax, the
c                          selected range is [zvmin, zvmax].
c                          If zvmin = zvmax, then if zvground is
c                          defined, then zvmin = min(0, zvground);
c                          otherwise zvmin = 0. If zvinjection is
c                          defined, then
c                          zvmax = max(100 km, zvinjection).
c                        - If zvmin > zvmax, then the profile altitudes
c                          are taken exactly as provided by the calling
c                          program in array zv.
c     zv.............. (input-output, double precision, array(nalt))
c                      Array containing the vertical altitudes
c                      [m.a.s.l.] of the profile.
c     depth........... (output, double precision, array(nalt)) Profile
c                      of vertical depths [g/cm2].
c     dens............ (output, double precision, array(nalt)) Profile
c                      of densities [g/cm3].
c     layer........... (output, integer, array(nalt)) Atmospheric model
c                      layer of each of the profile points.

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