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AIRES Library Reference.

The AIRES library is a collection of modules that are useful in several applications, including (but not limited to) special primary modules, output file processing, particularly compressed generated by the AIRES compressed i/o unit (CIO), and many other analysis procedures.

C/C++ interface. This online reference includes the recommended C/C++ calling sequence for every of the documented routines. The modules of the AIRES library are callable from C/C++ programs. In general the calling statement is similar to the FORTRAN one, taking into account that all arguments are passed by reference. That means that the actual arguments must be pointers to the corresponding data items. In general, all the FORTRAN routines of the library can be directly called from a C/C++ program. In a few cases it was necessary to develop special C routines, which were named appending a ``c'' to the original FORTRAN name. It is also worthwhile mentioning that most currently used FORTRAN compilers do place an underscore "_" after the names of the routines. In such cases, this character must be manually appended to all the FORTRAN routines called from the C/C++ program, excluding, of course, all the cases where a special C routine is present in the library, as already mentioned.

AIRES library index.

absdirset  crospcode  getlgodt  olv2slant  speisetrealvar 
absfnset  crospmodinfo  getlgtinit  opencrofile  speistart 
adstydepth  crospnames  getlgtrecord  pclecharge  speitask 
adstyfromz  crotaskid  getpgvshno  pclecodefromname  spinjpoint 
adstymdepth  dati  getprxdatvshno  pclelifetime  spnshowers 
adstymfromz  datidecode  getrandomseed0  pclenamefromcode  sprecordvarenabled 
airesshutdown  datifmt  getrealfromglobal  pclerestmass  sprecordvars 
antiparticle  deflectr  gettodt  pcputime  sprimname 
atmaddcustomodel  depthfromz  getxmaxdata  Psi  spsetprimaryenergy 
atmodelinit  dumpfileversion  ghfcint  raninit  spsimprogversion 
atmosinit  dumpfileversiono  ghfin  regetcrorecord  sstepfromslpath 
basicstart0  dumpinputdata0  ghfl1jcint  rmfile  statupdate 
cioclose1  extinpdirs  ghfpars  scontain  statzero 
ciorinit  fitghf  ghfx  setglobal  stmomts 
ciorshutdown  fitghfcint  grandom  setintglobal  strim 
clockrandom  Gamma  idlcheck  setrealglobal  strimcopy 
cputime  geomagnetic  importvar  smatch  subsort 
crofieldindex  geomagneticr  intdati  sp1stint  sysspawn 
crofileinfo  getatmcustomodels  loadumpfile  spaddnull  thisairesversion 
crofileversion  getatmodelinfo  lookforfile  spaddp0  urandom 
crogotorec  getatmosprofile  lprof0cut  spaddpn  urandomt 
croheaderinfo  getcrorecord  mvfile  speiend  username 
croinputdata0  getcrorectype  nuclcode  speigetinpfile  versionint2str 
crooldata  getfirstintdata  nucldecode  speigetintvar  versionstr2int 
croreccount  getglobal  nucldefznfroma  speigetmodname  wordlocate 
crorecfind  getinpint  olcoord  speigetpars  xslant 
crorecninfo  getinpreal  olcrossed  speigetrealvar  xvfromxs 
crorecnumber  getinpstring  olcrossedu  speimv  zfromadsty 
crorecstruct  getinpswitch  olsavemarked  speisetintvar  zfromdepth 
crorewind  getintfromglobal 

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