AIRES library reference: speistart.

c     Routine directly callable from C/C++ (it could be necessary to
c     append an underscore, "_", to its name depending on the C/C++
c     compiler used).
      subroutine speistart(showerno, primener, injpos, xvinj,
     +                     zground, xvground, dgroundinj, uprim)
c     Starting the interface for the "special" primary particle
c     external process.
c     Written by: S. J. Sciutto, La Plata 1999, 2001, 2003;
c                                Fermilab 2003;
c                                La Plata 2005, 2010, 2011, 2019.
c     Arguments:
c     =========
c     showerno........ (output, integer) Current shower number.
c     primener........ (output, double precision) Primary energy (GeV).
c     injpos.......... (output, double precision, array(3)) Position
c                      of injection point with respect to the AIRES
c                      coordinate system (in meters).
c     xvinj........... (output, double precision) Vertical atmospheric
c                      depth of the injection point (in g/cm2).
c     zground......... (output, double precision) Altitude of ground
c                      level (in m.a.s.l).
c     xvground........ (output, double precision) Vertical atmospheric
c                      depth of the ground surface (in g/cm2).
c     dgroundinj...... (output, double precision) Distance from the
c                      injection point to the intersection between
c                      the shower axis and the ground surface (in m).
c     uprim........... (output, double precision, array(3)) Unitary
c                      vector in the direction of the straight line
c                      going from the injection point towards the
c                      intersection between the shower axis and the
c                      ground plane.

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