AIRES library reference: opencrofile.

c     Name to use to call from C/C++: opencrofilec
      subroutine opencrofile(wdir, filename, header1, logbase, vrb,
     +                       fileid, irc)
c     Opening compressed i/o files for reading.
c     Written by: S. J. Sciutto, La Plata 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003,
c                                         2009.
c     Arguments:
c     =========
c     wdir............ (input, character*(*)) The name of the directory
c                      where the file is placed. It defaults to the
c                      current directory when blank.
c     filename........ (input, character*(*)) The name of the file to
c                      open.
c     header1......... (input, integer) Integer switch to select
c                      reading (ge 0) or skipping (lt 0) the first
c                      part of the header.
c     logbase......... (input, integer) Variable to control the
c                      logarithmically scaled fields of the file
c                      records. If logbase is less than 2, then
c                      the returned logarithms will be natural
c                      logarithms. Otherwise base "logbase" will be
c                      returned (decimal ones if logbase = 10).
c     vrb............. (input, integer) Verbosity control. If vrb is
c                      zero or negative then no error/informative
c                      messages are printed; error conditions are
c                      communicated to the calling program via the
c                      return code. If vrb is positive error messages
c                      will be printed: vrb = 1 means that messages
c                      will be printed even with successful operations.
c                      vrb = 2,3 means that only error messages will
c                      be printed. vrb > 3 is similar to vrb = 3, but
c                      with the additional action of stopping the
c                      program if a fatal error takes place.
c     fileid.......... (output, integer) File identification. This
c                      variable should not be changed by the calling
c                      program. It must be used as a parameter of
c                      the reading and closing routines in order to
c                      specify the opened file.
c     irc............. (output, integer) Return code. 0 means
c                      successful return. 1 means successful return
c                      obtained with a file that was written with a
c                      previous AIRES version. 10 means that the file
c                      could be opened normally, but that it seems not
c                      to be a valid Aires compressed data file, or is
c                      a corrupted file; 12 invalid file header; 14
c                      not enough size in some of the internal arrays;
c                      16 format incompatibilities. 20: too many
c                      compressed files already opened. 300 < irc < 400
c                      indicates a version incompatibility (when
c                      processing files written with other AIRES
c                      version) or invalid version field (corrupt
c                      header). Any other value indicates an opening /
c                      header-reading error (irc equals the system
c                      return code plus 10000).

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