AIRES library reference: lprof0cut.

c     Routine directly callable from C/C++ (it could be necessary to
c     append an underscore, "_", to its name depending on the C/C++
c     compiler used).
      subroutine lprof0cut(tableno, opt, ldt, nobslevp1,
     +                     xobsl, enpcles, ws)
c     Evaluating zero cut energy estimations for logintudinal profiles
c     (table number in the range 1000 to 1299).
c     Let N0(X) be the total number of particles as a function of X,
c     N(X) be the number of particles for a given (nonzero) cut energy,
c     Elow(X) the energy of low energy particles as a function of X,
c     and Edep(X) the deposited energy as a function of X. Then the
c     estimation used in this routine is:
c                               Elow(X)
c        N0(X) ~ N(X) + N(X) * ---------
c                               Edep(X)
c     Written by: S. J. Sciutto, La Plata 2004.
c     Arguments:
c     =========
c     tableno......... (input, integer) AIRES longitudinal table
c                      number, must be in the range 1000 to 1299.
c     opt............. (input, character*(*)) Options string. The
c                      format of the options string is the same as
c                      in the ExportTables IDL directive.
c     ldt............. (input, integer) Leading dimension of array otd.
c                      ldt must be greater than or equal to 5.
c     nobslevp1....... (output, integer) Number of data items returned,
c                      normally the number of observing levels plus 1.
c                      In case of error nobslevp1 is set to zero or
c                      negative.
c     xobsl........... (output, double precision, array(*)) Array
c                      containing the depths of the observing levels.
c     enpcles......... (output, double precision, array(ldt, *)) Array
c                      containing the estimated number of particles at
c                      each observing level:
c                         enpcles(1, *) --- Average.
c                         enpcles(2, *) --- RMS error of the mean.
c                         enpcles(3, *) --- Standard deviation.
c                         enpcles(4, *) --- Minimum.
c                         enpcles(5, *) --- Maximum.
c     ws.............. (scratch, double precision, array(*)) Working
c                      space of size 10 * nobslevp1.

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