AIRES library reference: loadumpfile.

c     Name to use to call from C/C++: loadumpfilec
      subroutine loadumpfile(wdir, itaskname, raw, vrb, irc)
c     Reading the dump file associated with a given task.
c     Written by: S. J. Sciutto, La Plata 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
c     Arguments:
c     =========
c     wdir............ (input, character*(*)) The name of the directory
c                      where the file is placed. It defaults to the
c                      current directory when blank.
c     itaskname....... (input, character*(*)) Task name, or dump file
c                      name.
c     raw............. (input, integer) Integer switch to determine
c                      whether (raw ne 0) or not (raw eq 0) final
c                      statistical calculations are applied to output
c                      observables.
c     vrb............. (input, integer) Verbosity control. If vrb is
c                      zero or negative then no error/informative
c                      messages are printed; error conditions are
c                      communicated to the calling program via the
c                      return code. If vrb is positive error messages
c                      will be printed: vrb = 1 means that messages
c                      will be printed even with successful operations.
c                      vrb = 2,3 means that only error messages will
c                      be printed. vrb > 3 is similar to vrb = 3, but
c                      with the additional action of stopping the
c                      program if a fatal error takes place.
c     irc............. (output, integer) Return code. 0 means
c                      successful return. 1 means successful return,
c                      but the dump file was not created using the
c                      same AIRES version. 8 means that no dump file
c                      (in the sequence taskname, taskname.adf,
c                      taskname.idf) exists. 12 means invalid file
c                      name. Other return codes
c                      come from the adf or idf read routines.

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